Images work fine with while debugging but do not work on Internet

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I have a simple problem that plagues my website. Every time I want to put in an image I can't get it to display on the internet. It looks fine on the Intranent and I believe the files are in the right spot any ideas? I am using VWD, and VB code. IO have tried jpeg, gif, and all sorts of other images and still nothing.


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Did you reference the images correctly? Do your images display if you open the path which is specified in <img src="path" /> ???

You can use the Tilde-Operator for application realtive paths: <asp:Image runat="server" ID="image1" ImageUrl="~/images/image1.png" /> will work wherevery your application is placed ...

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It might be that your site is omitting permissions from that directory you got your images on. Try on your Web.config placing the following authorization to your images folder


	<location path="ImgFolder/">
				<allow users="*"/>
Victor A. Palma
7/30/2007 11:57:45 PM

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