I need to get a server side button to run this client side code?

I need to get a server side button to run this client side code when the server

button is clicked and then subsequently called by the server.
Is it possible? The problem is that the print control is a client side activex.
I can call it normally using a client side button but this is no good when
I need to print more then one page.
Any help would be great.
The code:

function PrintProc(){
var MyPrinter;
MyPrinter = new ActiveXObject("ImgXPrint6.ImgXPrint");
MyPrinter.PageFrom = 1;
MyPrinter.PageTo = 1;
MyPrinter.PageMax = 1;
MyPrinter.PageMin = 1;
MyPrinter.Range = 1;
if (MyPrinter.ShowPrinter() == true)
MyPrinter.MarginLeft = MyPrinter.MinMarginLeft;
MyPrinter.MarginRight = MyPrinter.MinMarginRight;
MyPrinter.MarginTop = MyPrinter.MinMarginTop;
MyPrinter.MarginBottom = MyPrinter.MinMarginBottom;
var sinName = "<%= CurrentImage%>";
var sDocName = sinName.substring(0, 30);
MyPrinter.PrintImage(sDocName, document.all.ImgX.Images(0), false, true);
11/11/2004 4:47:20 PM
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I think thiscan help you.
Leon Langleyben


11/11/2004 4:54:29 PM

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