Html V/S Web Server Controls

hi everyone!

i am new to this forums and as well as in  i am doing self study on 2005 using C# .

here i just want to know difference between html server control and web server control. as per my understanding when i drag a control to a web form from the tool box then the code that is automatically comes up in the inline code file is html server control and the code on code behind file is web server control. i am not getting the difference exactly as web controls are all on toolbox but where is html control visually.

pls help. 

 thank you.

This is the place to learn everything on I thank to all who help me.
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hi friend., 

  The HTML controls (client controls) are the same HTML 4.01 controls that
have been part of the HTML language for a very long time. Use these when
their native client-side functionality serves your purpose (lowest overhead
with these controls).

The HTML Server controls are the same as above but with added server-side
programming/viewstate capabilities. Use these when migrating a "Classic
ASP" application to ASP.NET and you won't have to completely replace all
your old controls with new ones to get the .NET benefits of them. While you
do get some server-side programming capabilities with these, you don't get
the full range of properties, methods & events that pure server-side
controls offer.

The Web Form controls (a.k.a. Web Server controls) provide .NET native
server-side programming support. The properties, methods and events of
these controls are more VB like than the HTML controls. These controls
offer the widest range of flexibility from a programming standpoint, but can
(if not used correctly) create more overhead (viewstate) for your .aspx

The Web Form controls also feature controls that don't have an HTML
equivalent (validation controls, data controls, other rich controls
[calendar]). No matter which Web Form control you use, they render
themselves to the client as pure HTML/JavaScript, so they can be used in any


hope this helps./. 

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An HTML control would look like:

  <div id="myDiv" runat="server"> ... </div>

That is, you take a normal HTML tag and turn it into a server control with the runat="server" attribute. ASP.NET will give you an HtmlGenericControl to represent that div in your code behind. All HTML controls derive from System.Web.UI.HtmlControl

WebControls are higher level abstractions - that is they aren't restricted to representing a single HTML element, for instance:

<asp:TreeView id="myTree" runat="server" .... />

... will render a whole mess of HTML. All the web controls provide conistent properties (like BackColor) that will map into the HTML the control generates. All the web controls derive from a System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl class.

 Hope that helps,

5/26/2007 4:41:19 AM

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