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what is the difference between html control, server control and web controls
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Though if using a templated control I would not use either unless I need the value of the control on postback. Simple use literals with bound attributes.




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 A 'Control' is the basis for all ASP controls.  It has certain properties and methods that other, more developed controls can "inherit" and alter.  One of these properties is "ID"; every control (web, server, html, etc.) has this property.  If you look at the object browser (View-->Object Browser, or View-->Other Windows--> Object browser, if you haven't used it before, or ctrl + alt + J), you can browse each item available to you.

Expand System.Web, Then expand System.Web.UI beneath that.  In here, you will find Control. Click on it, and all of the methods and properties are displayed in the right hand side of the screen.

Now, close system.web and expand System.Web.UI.WebControls.  Under here, you'll find WebControl.  Click on it.  If you notice in the lower-right side of the screen, the info tells you that WebControl inherits from control. This means that all of the properties and methods you saw under Control are also available to any WebControl.  If you look in the upper-right side of the screen, though, you won't see the "ID" property we saw earlier. To see inherited properties and methods, you need to browse the class's base types.  In the left side of the screen, expand WebControl, then expand the Base Types folder.  In here you'll find Control, which you can expand to view properties and methods.


To be concise, though, a server control is a control that is created server-side (through generated markup) rather than explicitly through HTML.  For example, if you manually type an <input /> tag, ASP will leave the tag as-is.  If you create an <asp:Textbox /> tag, ASP will generate the tag as an <input />, along with special coding and formatting so it knows what the control is.  If you create a standard html control, but place the runat="server" attribute in its tag, it becomes an HTML control. HTML controls are standard html markup, but have the ability to be created and easily manipulated on the server.

WebControls are controls that are prefaced with <asp: in the markup, and allow you to have greater control over elements without having to manually add attributes and/or javascript. For example, you can postback to the server and handle a Textbox's OnTextChanged() event rather than create a javascript onchange="" event and function declaration (which users can read with View->Source).  Attributes are available via namespaces, such as txtTextbox.ForeColor rather than document.getElementById(MyControlID).style.color for retrieving text color.


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