How to send value form popup window to opener window ??

I have problem and I need everybody help me.

I desgning a website using ASP.NET and VB.NET - I want, when user click button as show popup window with list user of system (from database) and click user of list, it's in textbox of opener window. Can you help me code it ???

Thanks a lot !!!


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 You have to access the window.opener.document object in JavaScript. This will give you access to the DOM.


function getOpenerElem(Jb)
	return window.opener.document.getElementById(Jb);

  I use this function to access the opening windows DOM.

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Check below link

Passing Data Between Webforms


Haissam Abdul Malak
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10/2/2007 9:16:19 PM

 Best way to implement this is by using modal window by this way you can pass parameters easily from parent window and the child window plus it lock the parent window till the child window closed

here a good sample of this plus custom control you can use easily
Tamer Fathy

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