How to select Xml as Xml?

If I select Xml nodes like this from sql server;

select xmlData.query('//Field[@F = "True"]') as extendedInfo from.... to loop through the items in C#?

I can't cast it to a System.Xml.XmlNodeList..?

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You can use the XmlDocument class.  There's a Load method and a LoadXml method.  One of these should get you what you want, after which you can select nodes as you need.

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If I select Xml nodes like this from sql server;

select xmlData.query('//Field[@F = "True"]') as extendedInfo from.... to loop through the items in C#?

I can't cast it to a System.Xml.XmlNodeList..?

Read it in datatable or dataset and ten u can easily

refer here

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