How to pass variables within pages without showing it in URL and not using session variables

My aspx page need to be called from within another page.

My page must receive 2 values (variables) form the page that will request may page, and  must hide these values (it can not appear in the URL).

It seems that I must use  the get/post method, but Idont know how.

Can someone show me a example with 2 small pages showing how one page can request another passing values (not showed in the URL)



tanks in advance


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Take a look at this...

Steven M. Swafford

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8/18/2006 11:50:28 PM

Thanks  Steven, it resolved one of my problems when both pages are aspx pages.


But I have another situation where the first page is writen using PHP, and passes variables using POST/GET method and need to request  a second page writed in Aspx.

Is it possible from the second page(writed in aspx), to be executed  reading the values of the variables from PHP ? 

8/19/2006 12:41:19 PM

you could use

Request.Form[name]  to get POST value, and

Request.QueryString[name] to get GET value.


store value in cookies or database is doable.


8/21/2006 3:31:10 AM

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