How To Pass an ItemId from one ascx control to another ascx control in the same page

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I am new to Asp 2.0. previously i worked on DotNetNuke. now i shifted to this asp 2.0. and here i am developing a site in that site i am using controls just like modules in the dotnetnuke. so i got one doubt here that is in the dotnetnuke if i want to pass an id from one ascx control to another ascx control there i used EditUrl function so it is very simple. but here there is not such a function for navigation from one ascx control to another ascx control. so can any body help me regarding this.

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Easiest to use the web page as it is the parent of both.  You can create properties on the controls and get the web page to assign one to another, and also add events to the controls for the web page to listen to, and then pass to the required control


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