How to move a row in a data table object to the top of the table? The data table is in a data set. The data is bound to a drop down list box.

I am maintaining some 2003 C#/ code for a web application. In the application a table in a data set is used
to populate a drop down list box.(The drop down list box will display a list of names)

Before the data set table is bound to the list box control, blank characters are inserted at the top
of the data set table. The purpose of this, is to display a blank line in the drop down list box, when the list box is
initially displayed. This code works fine. (See lines 1-14 below).

Now I have been asked to modify the source code so that instead of a blank line being inserted at to top of the
list box, the name "Molbors" is displayed as the first item in the list. Meaning "Molbors" will be the first item
displayed in the drop down listbox when the web form is initially displayed.

The problem here is that "Molbors" already exists in the data set table. And since the data set table is sorted alphabetically,
"Molbors" is in about the middle of the data set table. So my question is how do I move the row containing "Molbors" to the very top of the data
set table? Meaning how do I make it become the first row in the data set table?

Here is the code I am currently using:

1 // This method populates the drop down list.
2 public static DropDownList BindBuyerSeller(DropDownList dropDownList)
3 {
4 //Connect to "BID" Reference Data Web Service
5  BIDReferenceWS.BIDReferenceDataWebService myBIDReferenceService = new BIDReferenceWS.BIDReferenceDataWebService();
6  BIDReferenceWS.BIDReferenceDS BIDReferenceDS = myBIDReferenceService.getAllSellerBuyers(); // Call the webservice to populate the data set
7 //BIDReferenceDS is the data set. It contains a data table named "Owner". Owner contains two columns. One named
8 // OwnerName, and the other named PropertyDescription.
9 //  
10//Insert a blankline at the top of the dataset. So blanks will be the default value for the drop down list box.
11  BIDReferenceWS.BIDReferenceDS.OwnerRow blankOwnerRow = BIDReferenceDS.Owner.NewOwnerRow();
12  blankOwnerRow.OwnerDescription = "";
13 // On the next line we insert the blank row at the top of the "Owner" table.
14  BIDReferenceDS.Owner.Rows.InsertAt(blankOwnerRow,0);

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Could you  programatically select "Molbors" and achieve the effect you need?

If you have a function hooked up to the control, you may need to disable it while you do the selection.

A cheesy way to do it is to stick a leading space in front of " Molbors" so it sorts to the top.

Steve Wellens

My blog
2/6/2007 7:45:59 PM


 You offered some good ideas for shortcuts, thank you for that. The shortcuts won't work though for this problem. The requirements are that I move "Molbors" to the top of the list, as well as making it the default vaule.

So if anyone knows how I can move the value "Molbors" to the top of the list, please help me. This must be done somehow by moving the data row of the data table object to the very first row.



2/7/2007 6:42:15 PM
here is a solution for you:

DataTable dt = ds.Tables[0];
object[] array = dt.Rows[1].ItemArray; // the fixed index 1 should be changed to the index of the item Molbors
DataRow row = dt.Rows[1];

row = dt.NewRow();
row.ItemArray = array;
dt.Rows.InsertAt(row, 0);

Hope it helps.

2/8/2007 4:06:26 AM

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