How to handle server events on client side?


I would please like to know how a server application can update a browser web client on an intermittent basis without the need for polling by the client?

Is it also possible to update only specific clients?





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First part of the question, there is no way a server can indpendantly initiate a communication back to the client. Remember - http is a connectionless stateless protocol. Unless you have a client that uses a protocol other than http ( socket based connections for eg: using flash socket api) there is no way you can do this.

Having said that you can always simulate what a server callback will do using client only techniques ( for eg: browser based chat programs like google talk IM ) and yes ofcourse you can have only one client updated.

Let me know if you need further assistance and I will be glad to help.


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Thanks for your very helpful reply.  I had a look at google talk and have read that it works with any client that supports JABBER/XMPP.

Can you please tell me if these are the client only techniques that you are referring to?


3/8/2008 10:51:19 PM

Also, are there any .NET libraries that currently support this type of interaction?

3/8/2008 11:05:48 PM

I should have been mpre specific when I mentioned google talk, I meant google talk implementation on browser when you access gmail( you can not "talk" only chat).

Yes and the .NET library to look for is ASP.NET 2.0 out of band calls to the web server.

Even better you can use ASP.NET ajax and use web services.


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