how do I get the index value of the item selected in a dropdownlist?

Hello friends. This is driving me crazy.

I have a table in access with the list of US states. That table has 3 column fields:
idsStateID (the key field, which is a number)
chrStateAbv (the abbreviation of the state, FL, AK, VA...)
chrStateName(the name of the state, Florida, Arkansas,...)
I have this code in a web form:
getDataFromDB(conx, "select * from ltblState", da, ds, dt, "tblStates") 'retrieves the data from the database into a datatable (dt) and assigns "tblStates" to that table
Me.droState.DataSource = dt 'the datatable containing the states
Me.droState.DataTextField = "chrStateName"
Me.droState.DataValueField = "idsStateID"
This is working fine, the dropdown list displays the states correctly.
The Problem is I can not get to retrieve the idsStateID value associated
with the state when a state is selected from the dropdownlist.
Private Sub droState_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles droState.SelectedIndexChanged
' What do I do here to get the "idsStateID" value associated with
'with the selection? The idea is to be able to do something similar to
dim selectedIndex as integer=droState.selecteditem.value
'I know that one does not work, but how do i get a hold of the
'index associated with the selection made in the dropdownlist?
End Sub
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int selIndex = droState.SelectedIndex; // will give you the INDEX number of the selected item
int idsStateID = Convert.ToInt32(droState.SelectedItem.Value); // will give you the id of the selected state
string chrStateName = droState.SelectedItem.Value; // will give you the string name of the selected state

10/8/2004 8:09:39 PM
Thank you. Well I am working on it, it looks that the problem is in loading the data from the database. It puzzels me that the list of states show, but nothing is returned...
10/8/2004 8:15:55 PM
To troubleshoot, hit the page, then view the HTML source of the page that is created. look at the dropdownlist in HTML (<select>) and see if there is a "value" attribute associated with each element in the dropdownlist. perhaps there is no value, and thus it isn't returning a value when you access the selecteditem.value.
10/8/2004 8:49:54 PM

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