How Do I Enable A File Upload Control When Another File Upload Control Has A Value?

Hi There,

Thanks you for taking the time to read this post.  I am quite new to programming and have searched the net and experimented with my own code but not been able to get it to work yet.

I am creating a simple CMS for a friends site and my friend wants to be able to upload 9 images per page.

I have created an form with 9 file upload controls.  I want 1 control to be enabled by default and the other 8 controls disabled until the previous control has a value.  I have set the default setting in visual studio without any problem.

My first thought was to double click on the file upload control and put some code in there but it doesnt work like buttons where it allows you to enter c# code in the button click event.  It just highlights the asp tag.

Then I tried putting this code in the page load:


        if (FU_Picture1.HasFile == true)
this.FU_Picture2.Enabled = true;


*The fileupload controls are called FU_Picture1 and FU_Picture2.

This only enables the second file upload box when the form is submitted. 

I need the second file upload control to become enabled as soon as the first has a value.  Can anyone suggest a good way of doing this?


Many thanks in advance.


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Rather than putting 9 controls on one page, put 1.

When the user tries to upload the 10th file, your code should say "nah..  you can't do that.'

So... put your FileUpload on the form..   Drop in a Button and tie it to an "OnClick" event handler that looks something like this..


if( fileupload.hasFile ) //or whatever it's called


    if ( ! 9 files are already here)


             //then upload this file

              //hint: look at  System.IO.DirectoryInfo and System.IO.FileInfo



Now... to display your 9 files, you have several options.   You can add Image controls dynamically, or you can use something like a Repeater.


Hope this helps.



4/20/2008 6:56:52 PM

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your response.  The reason I though to use 9 control was to make it user friendly.

The user enters the name for the page, a description and selects up to 9 pictures.  When they click sumbit the whole form is validated, then the record is created in the database and then the images are uploaded to a data folder and re-named to include the records unique identifyer so as not to cause conflict with other images.

If I did it with one control I assume they would have one form to create the record in the database first and then have another form to add images to records?  Is this what your meant?

Many thanks in advance

4/21/2008 12:26:22 PM

 Hey sorry about the delay..   Did you get this figured out?

" The reason I though to use 9 control was to make it user friendly."

Personally, I believe less buttons = more user friendly.

Drop in your FileUpload, create a button and tie it to an "OnClick" event handler..

In this event handler, you will define the logic you need.  Insert your record, and write the file to a certain folder.

Your Page_Load method should look for these images and/or records and dynamically add Image controls to the form accordingly.

4/29/2008 12:56:43 AM

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