help! need advice on best way to do database driven add/edit/search type web forms...

Thanks to the lovely folks on this form, and way too much time.. I have now filled up my SQL tables from my old access tables, i have created a form that hooks into the database and pulls fields out to populate drop down boxes and have little red * that show up if a field isn't filled in...

my method:
create new form ->pull over listbox - connect to datasource to fill up listbox w/ topics... repeat several times -> pull over input text boxes -->drag over Submit button-->drag over 'RequiredFieldValidator' and set it to the list boxes....

1. (in VisWebDeveloper) input boxes do not show up in "control to Validate" (they are not hooked into db)
2. (up on the web) after required fields are filled in, submit does nothing --- i dont know how to specify "after validation"
3.i have 4 listboxes that are all being populated by the same table -- Topics ... each one has it's own SqlDataSource picking out rows with specific topic categories... should i be creating one master query and just separating to topic categories in some other property field?

i got a bit screwed up because i didn't specify code separate than the file so i'm trying to sort out the difference... don't know if that matters...?

Any input on the above would be Fantastic!!

Otherwise - what I really need is some direction!
seems to be so so many options on how to do stuff... I can't figure out if I'm doing combinations of 2 different "styles" of programming... Like should I be doing data grid->validate->insert OR

What do you all recommend for the below things I need to do? (3 word answers are ok)

Entry Form -->after all required fields are filled in -submit creates inset Query --data going into 3 separate tables. email is sent that entry was posted. 

Edit Form -->edit above info (in 3 tables) but only limited fields can be changed



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