Help for Visual web dev isolate system.web.mail to

Hi all,

 I'm new user to visual web developer express software. Laterly i found this application isolate quite some of the component namespace, like system.web.mail to net.mail.

I not well understand how functional?? Does it act same as system.web.mail??

My coding below: change system.web.mail to which causing a lot error...

*****Can anybody correct me or advise me how to make this code work in

<%@import Namespace="" %>

<script runat="server">
    Public FromAddress As String = ""


    Function SendEmail() As Boolean
            Dim oMessage As MailMessage = New MailMessage
            oMessage.From = FromAddress (**error: value of string cannot convert to
            oMessage.To = ToAddress (**error: To is ReadOnly)
            oMessage.Subject = MessageSubject
            oMessage.Body = MessageBody
            oMessage.bodyformat = MailMessage.IsBodyHTML (**Error: Bodyformat not member of
            'send email require local mail server available
            SmtpClient.SmtpServer = "localhost" (** error: smtpserver is not membr of

            'smtpmail.send(oMessage) --(**error: smtpmail is obsolate. recommend smptclient)
            Return (True)

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