getting textbox value from one page to other page....

Hello Frinds I have a question..

 I am entering one userid in the textbox I am getting info from dtabase I am displying.. this userid I am using in other aspx page so i need to use this textbox userid in that page can you tell me any one how i need to get that value from one page to other page..



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I believe you can take advantage of QueryString when Passing data from one page to another.


When you redirect to the other page, you can passthe USERID as string to the Url and get that information from there

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Thanks for your replay

Can you give me sample code sir..


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 If you set the postbackurl of your submit button to that other page, you can get the value from the textbox with the help of previouspage, for example:

if (IsCrossPagePostBack)
   String userid = ((TextBox)PreviousPage.FindControl("UserIDTextBox")).Text;
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to go to the other page in the buttong click of firstpage i used response.redirt(".aspx page?Parameter="txtbox.text");

I am using this one there in the seond page

string values = requst.querystring["Parameter"].Tostring();

the values consisnts of txtbox.text value is that right what I am doing here..

Let me know thanks

The above one I tried butin the userid firlds I am getting null  value..




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 That looks ok, the other page should be able to get the parameter from the querystring.

As for the crosspagepostback method, it can be very dependent on the way the first page is constructed. But if it's a regular textbox that's not within another container, it's a matter of findcontrol with the id name as i used above. 

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