getting dropdown list value from usercontrol to change session variable

I have a problem,
I have a user control that has 2 drop down lists, what I need to do is use the value of the selected item in the dropdown list to use in the selection of data in a datagrid on the main page.
Basically I just need to take the values, and be able to plug them in (during a page load event) and use them in the query.
Right now the usercontrol gets fired AFTER all of the other things are loaded. I thought that by setting a session to the value of the drpdown list would work, but its not triggering anything because 1, its a post back event, and two the usercontrol is getting loaded after the page_load event, so to re-bind, it would have to be refreshed by hitting f5
What I want to happen is the user will change selection from the dropdown box, and then have the datagrid re-load the data based on the value of the selected item in the dopdown box.
The setup has to all be done on the parent page since there are several different pages that are based on this data in the dropdown lists.

Ive looked high and low, but have found nothing usable (or even understandable) so any help would be appreciated.
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You don't have to look high or low for this one. To be absolutely certain the grid reloads immediately AFTER a SelectedIndexChanged for one of the dropdowns, all you do is declare a public event for the user control. Once a dropdown is modified you trigger the event and the grid, who is of course subscribing to this particular event will reload. Here are some skeletons that hopefully will guide you:

Inside the user control:

public event EventHandler ListChanged;
private void yourList_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
//Do whatever you did before here!
//Trigger the change event
private void OnListChanged()
//Only trigger if there are subscribers!
if (ListChanged != null)
ListChanged(this, null);

In the main page:

MyControl theControl;
private void theControl_ListChanged(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
//Reload the grid here!

Inside the InitializeComponent method of your main page:

this.theControl.ListChanged += new System.EventHandler(this.theControl_ListChanged);

I hope I didn't overlook some parts needed. But the idea has worked for me every time and it should get you going.
12/4/2003 8:59:19 AM

That sounds good, Ill try it out this afternoon after I get some other things finished up.
I really appreciate your input on this, I could find hide nor hair of an answer in any forum or MSDN and Im still too new to know enuff to figure the harder stuff out.
Thanks again
12/4/2003 6:54:09 PM

I'm looking at this and understand everything except where the MyControl theControl; comes from (or where it goes).
Can you give me an idea where I put that?
Thanks again
12/4/2003 7:49:25 PM

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