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I am using a file upload tool. I believe the default permissible size for a file uploaded through this tool is around 4 mb. How do I change this limit? I don't want it to be changed for all upload controls on the page. I just want it to be changed for one particular control which uploads music. I want to raise the uploaded file size limit for music to 10MB.
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How much size of file can be uploaded with file upload control? By default its 4mb but it can be chaged through web config settingsAshok Rajawww.iGold.inDon't forget to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helped you. This credits that member, earns you a point and marks your thread as Resolved. For a detailed explanation on your query have a look into this article Rajawww.iGold.inDon't forget to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helped you. This credits that member, earns you a point...

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I am using a fileupload control, is there anyway i can determine the file size of attached file before it gets posted to the server ..... iam not particularly happy with the user having to wait until file is posted to the server before i can determine size of file uploaded.... I have increased the file upload limit to approx 10 mb in the web.config file ,  <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="11000"  enable = "True" requestLengthDiskThreshold="512" useFullyQualifiedRedirectUrl="True" executionTimeout="120" />  and have code to capture the size in code behind file Sub Sav...

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Hi, whenever i try uploading files greater than 15kb or so, my file control fails. But smaller files are easily uploaded. Please helpIf you keep your feet firmly on the ground, you'll have trouble putting on your pants! Hi, the default maximum upload size of the total form data, so not only your fileupload, is limited to 4Mb. You can increase that number by overriding the default settings in the web.config. Alter the <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="" /> attribute. Dealing with the maximum upload size of ASP.NET. Grz, Kris.Read my blog. Handy Firefox plugins for web ...

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Hello! I am wondering how I can control the size of a file that the client load up to the server? I am working in C#. Sincerely, Albert Hi Albert, By control do you mean restrict the size of the upload? One way to do this would be to override the maximum request length with an entry in web.config, for example, the following would set the maximum length to 8 MB. <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="8192" /> The default is 4MB. HTH,Scott

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Hello, I have a form which allows a user to upload a file to a virtual drive on our server using the following code: fileInvoice.SaveAs(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings.Get("DocumentPath") + strFileName); //Document Path is defined in the web.config file How can I safely allow a form on a web page to delete the file if they know the exact name of the file. I don't want them to be able to do a wildcard match like test* thanks in advance, mitch  Peace be on you brother, so you want to safely delete the file which the name you know. OK I consider that the name ...

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dear friends i m using file upload control in my web app. now the maximum size of uploaded file is 4 MB. now i want to put message if the user uploaded file more then 4 MB? how do i do that? nd my other pr is i have put my file upload control in update panel so when my page loads first time i have to click twice on browse button but then it runs fine i dont understand the pr.  ThanksshwetaIn a day when don't come across any problem -you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path refere this link for more details

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I am using File Upload Control to upload file on server. If size of the file exceeds maxRequestLength property in httpRuntime section of my configuration file, then DNS error is thrown. how can i restrict the user from selecting a file of specific size. Best solution would be if i can restrict the user on client side. If not possible, then how can i handle the DNS error on server? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Paras Shah (VMF SoftTech Ltd.) To do this on the client side, you need an ActiveX control or java applet, this is nothing that is shipped with W...

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I want's to avoid file uploading for the files with size i have hardcoded in the web.configIs there any possibility to get the selected file size of from the fileupload control from javascript.I know we can check it on the server via help of postedfile.content length but is there any way i can check it via help of javascript ? Kamran ShahidSr. Software Engineer(MCP,,,MCTS,[web])Netprosys Inc.www.netprosys.comRemember to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helps U kamii47:Is there any possibility to get the selected file size of from the fileu...

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Hi, Whenever I try to upload a file bigger than 4MB I get an "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error.I googled on this and found out that the solution is to increase the value of maxRequestLength in web.config. However the page will still crash if file size is greater than maxRequestLength!!Then I override OnError and tried to display some friendly message using Response.write, but still get "cannot display the webpage" error and not my custom message. How can I completely override the default behavior on this. Don't forget to click &quo...

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