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 I did an aplication for send membership comunications and i want make a simple upgrade.


I have a while for sent the messages to every recipients but i want in each recipient get if the mail has sent or failed, this is for sum that on a cell for the message but i dont know how get if the message go or failed?

Im using VB. 

Somebody can help me on that?


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You can't know for sure if the message was delivered or not. The only option would be to read any returned messages from the mail server. 

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 This benefit depends on your mail server. some mail server serves this option to their users but some doesn't. so it means you can't do that using your way.


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Why are you replying to two year old thread?

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 what's your meaning ?


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 what's your meaning ?

Can't you see the Date 10-09-2007, 6:03 PM of last reply

the thread is 2 years old So its just waste replying it Since the issue resolved already

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 ok thanks

i didn't see that thanks

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