Dynamic User Control Inside Tab Control - does NOT fire events

I have a web aplication with one web form and one user control. The form contains a tabcontiner with NO tab panels. On each load, one tab panel is dynamically added to the web form and the user control is dynamically added to the tab panel.

The user control contains a button. It raises an event on its click event.

 Once you click on the button, the event is never called.

This is strange because the code works perfectly if the user control is dynamically added inside a panel instead of a tab control.

Any ideas?



private void makeTabs()
                //Dynamic Tab
                TabPanel tempPanel = new TabPanel();
                tempPanel.ID = "Tabb1";
                tempPanel.HeaderText = "Tab 1";
                tempPanel.Width = Unit.Pixel(500);

                //Dynamic user control with grid
                WebUserControl1 userControl = (WebUserControl1)LoadControl("WebUserControl1.ascx");
                userControl.ID = "TabbControl";
                userControl.Grid.ID = "TabbGrid";
                userControl.Grid.DataSource = dataArray;

                //Add tab to tab container 

                TabContainer1.ActiveTabIndex = 0;


                //Attach event
                userControl.GridViews += new WebUserControl1.GridViewsEventHandler(HandleGridViewsEvent);
            catch (Exception ex)

6/14/2008 3:51:32 AM
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Hi friend,

After read your code, I did not find any button in it, also I can not see any Event attach any buttons.

So could you give me more code here?

Hong Gang

Hong-Gang Chen
Microsoft Online Community Support
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6/18/2008 9:08:58 AM

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