Dynamic DropDownList Default Selected Item Does Not Select Default Item

I have some dynamic listbox code that creates a listbox based on information stored in a database. The database access works fine. The only issue is that when I use the lbNew.Items.FindByValue(...).Selected = True line, no default select is made. The listbox just defaults to the first item in the list.

lbNew = New DropDownList

' Scans for the list source.
' If "values_table" returns the first character = '@',
' then a table is the datasource.
strDataSourceTable = Nothing
strDataSourceTable = objDataReader.Item("values_table")

' If there is a data list, display the item, else ignore
If Not strDataSourceTable = Nothing Then
    If strDataSourceTable.Chars(0) = "@" Then
	' Extract the table and column title
	strDataSourceTable = strDataSourceTable.Remove(0, 1)
	strDataSourceTableSplit = PassdownFunctions.SplitString(strDataSourceTable, "|")
	strDataSourceTableName = strDataSourceTableSplit.Item(0).ToString
	strDataSourceTableCol = strDataSourceTableSplit.Item(1).ToString
	' Open the database
	objConnection2 = New OleDbConnection(connString)
	strSQL2 = "SELECT * FROM [" & strDataSourceTableName & "] ORDER BY " & strDataSourceTableCol & " ASC;"
	objCommand2 = New OleDbCommand(strSQL2, objConnection2)
	objDataReader2 = objCommand2.ExecuteReader()
	' Extract the list items
	strListboxItems = New ArrayList
	While objDataReader2.Read()
	End While
	' Close database
	strListboxItems = New ArrayList
	strListboxItems = PassdownFunctions.SplitString(strDataSourceTable, ";")
    End If
    lbNew.ID = "listbox^" + objDataReader.Item("item_name") + "^" + n
    lbNew.CssClass = "passdown_input_item"
    'lbNew.SelectionMode = ListSelectionMode.Single
    lbNew.DataSource = strListboxItems
	lbNew.Items.FindByValue(objDataReader.Item("default")).Selected = True
    Catch ex As Exception

    End Try
    'lbNew.Rows = CType(objDataReader.Item("height"), Integer)
    lbNew.Width = CType(objDataReader.Item("width"), Integer)
    lbNew.Attributes.Add("style", "left: " & CInt(objDataReader.Item("x")) & "px; top: " & CInt(objDataReader.Item("y")) & "px;")
    lbNew.Attributes.Add("onchange", "cstylec(this,'" & objDataReader.Item("default") & "');")
End If

Note that all values pulled from the database have been verified as correct, so that does not seem to be the issue.

1/11/2006 6:51:53 AM
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Two things come to mind:

1)  You have a try/catch but no way to report that the exception was thrown; what happens when you Response.Write the exception.message (or something a bit more best-practice if you don't like Response.Write)?

2)  Have you tried writing out objDataReader.Item("default") to make sure the value is what you expect it to be?


Peter Brunone
Founder, EasyListBox.com
Do the impossible, and go home early.
1/11/2006 4:47:46 PM

Sorry about getting back so late. It's the weekend for me.

1) I used the try/catch statement to keep the program from erroring when it was accessing something invallid. I origionally had it outputting to the MsgBox() fuction on error, but was not getting an error. I then moved the line to the Try portion, and that was going through, so I got rid of that line. I should have a Msg.Text addition in the Catch portion, to be sure.

2) I did also change the items to actual string values that are located in the ArrayList that is being bound, but this did nothing either.

A very currious problem indeed.

1/14/2006 8:56:40 AM
I didn't mean the ArrayList values (since it seemed you'd already
checked those); I meant the value you're trying to assign as the
selected value.  Is that one correct?

Peter Brunone
Founder, EasyListBox.com
Do the impossible, and go home early.
1/14/2006 7:48:27 PM
Aye. It is the correct one. I used combinations of MsgBox() outputs and Msg.Text outputs to verify that these were actually pulling the correct strings from the database. They all matched. I also staticly defined the FindByValue(...) string, and that did not error, returning the correct string.
1/15/2006 3:41:33 AM

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