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Under vs.2003 and framework 1.1, this HTML worked just fine. Under vs.2008 and framework 3.5 this no longer works. The 2008 version has a tooltip message that states "Validation (XHTML 1.0 Transitional): Attribute 'onscroll' is not a valid attribute of element 'div'." Does anyone know how to get this to work. The 'div' is nested inside of a panel

div class="benefits_List" onscroll="javascript:document.getElementById('benefitScrollPos').value=this.scrollTop;">

5/4/2009 3:29:58 PM
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Are you taking about...



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5/4/2009 3:47:38 PM
I have two 'div' sections. One doesn't have the style set, the other has. Neither work 

style="position: relative"

5/4/2009 3:56:46 PM

I usually add a style="border:solid 1px black" in order to tell whats going on with the positioning. Is this div inside of a div? If its not, then try style="float:left" and let me know if that helps.

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5/4/2009 4:09:34 PM

Neither of these helped. A better explanation of this div. The div is in a panel. There is a table inside of the div. This table can have x number of rows. If a user click on row 3, this should populate another control on the web page with the extra data that is related to row 3. This data is compiled server side and a value is written to the elementID "benefitScrollPos". Same thing if a different row is clicked. The problem is when a user clicks on a row, the value being returned is always the value of the first row.

5/4/2009 5:17:35 PM

I would repost your question in relation to gridview_rowcommand. Sounds like you aren't getting the identity of the grid correctly. Unless I am totally misunderstanding you.

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5/4/2009 6:55:44 PM

This example is VS2008

I have Div name is "mydiv"

In script you can use this property of div.

<div id="mydiv" style="overflow: scroll"> // for set scroll.



Try this, it is working. Let me know if any issue or query

Naresh Prakash.
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