Displaying image in image button

Yes, I am obviously a loser.

I have an image button, and have an image. I put the image in the same directory as the form that i am running, and simplyreferred to the image by its name:


But, the image doesn't show.
I also attempted to refer to the image by its hardcoded directory placement, but have proven to be a failure at that, too:


Anyone tell me what I am screwing up?
3/8/2005 6:01:05 PM
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check if using this path is correct.
Type the url in the browser and see if u get the image ?
If no luck --> check the properties for the virtual directory (csASPServerControlBasics2_P105) and enable anonymous access if required


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hi   i have to display an image in image button while uploading mycode Image1.ImageUrl = Upload.PostedFile.FileName; is not working thanks Hi You need to save the PostedFile to the disk on the server and then assign it to ImageUrl. Take a look at the following links for more infoprmation on how to do this.  http://www.codeproject.com/KB/aspnet/netimageupload.aspx http://www.stardeveloper.com/articles/display.html?article=2003022601&page=1Reza Nassabehwww.professionalcsharp.comDon't forget to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helped you. That way ...

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Let me explain more. I have a Gridview, that displays an image.  Then i have a detailsview displaying an image from the selected value in the gridview.  Simple.  When i click on one of the images from the gridview, it displays the correct image in the detailsview.  Basically, i have two images in each row of the table in the database.The only way this works is if i have "autogenerateselectbutton=true" set.  I do not want the select link next to my image.  I want to be able to pick on the image in the GridView, and have it show the correct image in...

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Hi I have a image column in a database table. When I'm using the Response.BinaryWrite method I can display my image on a page. Howveer I want to display it using image or imagebutton.. This is what I'm trying but its showing red cross. Can anybody please help? <asp:Image ID="imgUSER_IMAGE" runat="server" src ='<%# Eval("USER_IMAGE") %>' />       Hi, Thats because, asp:Image needs an actual physical file to render in the browser. You can do this :           by...

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Hi!, I have a powerbuilder app with a target of web forms it all works in my local host but when it was deployed in other server the first run was good I can see all the images but when I close the browser and try to open again the web forms the images shows in red x's marks, can anybody help me with this thanks in advance. path of my images on the powerbuilder app is .\images\corner.gif and all images files are in the resource tab of the powerbuilder. Thanks, Joey Hi Joey; Can you try flushing the Cache on your browser and see what happens. If it worked the first time - ...

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