Display pdf in a div after getting it from sql

Hi all

I have this very simple little page where I get a pdf file from a SQL Server database and display that file on the page. Here is the code.

Dim Var1 As String
Var1 = Request.QueryString("ArticleID")
SqlDataSource1.SelectParameters("ArticleID").DefaultValue = Var1
Dim dt As System.Data.DataView
dt = SqlDataSource1.Select(DataSourceSelectArguments.Empty)
Dim docbyte As Byte()
docbyte = dt(0)(0)
Response.ContentType ="application/pdf"

I have now been asked if I can display the file on a page which contains other standard site content such as ads, menu bar, header and so on. So the best way I can see to do this is to try to figure out how to display this content in a DIV.

Does it make sense to do it this way? How would I do it? I want to keep the code as simple as possible, and I would prefer to do it all with inline code versus any code-behind files.



5/4/2009 11:17:18 PM
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Try using frames.  Set the src attribute of the frame to be your aspx file that generates the pdf file.

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5/5/2009 1:44:03 AM

I was hoping to use the masterpage I have for this site. It doesn't use frames.



5/5/2009 2:01:15 AM

<asp:Content ID="Content2" ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1" Runat="Server">

<object data="URL OF YOUR ASPX PAGE THAT GENERATES THE PDF" type="application/pdf"></object>


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5/5/2009 2:20:05 AM

Hi There

I like the idea, but I am going to have to play with it for a bit. For example, how would I handle the passing of the querystring? In the original code, I get a querystring from the calling page and use that as a parameter to request the file from SQL.

I almost wonder if I could make a user control out of this little routine somehow. Then I could just call the control, but I would still have to pass it the ArticleID. Hmmmmm.



5/5/2009 3:06:50 AM
You can always bind the Data Attribute in the code behind and append the querystring value to the URL there.
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5/5/2009 3:12:51 AM

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