DATE field problem


I m trying to check the DATE field validation. I am trying to update this date field value in the
database and before that I have to check the validity. If there is a date value then format
it in the form and if it is not there add an empty string or add null value. I m adding the update statement also for ur ref.

If IsDate(DOB.Text) Then
DOB.Text = Format(DOB.Text, "MM/dd/yyyy")
DOB.Text = " "
End If

strSQL = " UPDATE Persons "
strSQL += " set lngSSN ='" & SSN.Text & "',"
strSQL += " datBirth= '" & DOB.Text & "' "
strSQL += " WHERE lngPersonID = 503365 "
The errors are
I m getting a default value 1/1/1900 in SQL Server instead of the date I entered. If I donn enter any value then I am gettiing the below information
"Syntax error converting datetime from character string. ". I m kinda novice to the asp
so plz tell me how to validate date.

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Check out the way the null value is entered in database 

Use the similar technique for update
Sushila Bowalekar Patel
6/17/2004 4:36:08 PM

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