customvalidator on a user control UC1 when the user clicks a button located on a different user control UC2 on the page


I am maintaining page where a user control is initialized  dynamically.

The user control UC1 has a customvalidator using server side validation. When the postback is caused by a button inside the user control UC1 causes the postback, the customvalidator works fine and I get my validation results displayed. However, If I click a button located on a second user control UC2 on the main aspx page, the validation doesn t execute and I get no result validation error displayed.

My question,
how can I make the validation execute on the user control  UC1 when the postback is caused by a button located in another user control UC2 on the main  page? and how can I get the user control UC1 display the validation error message?

p.s: Notice that I am using customvalidator on server side, not on client side

Thanks a lot, I appreciate your taking the time to help me.
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Try to set the ValidationGroup property of all your validators to the same value. Do the same for the submit button
(same property, same value).

This should make it work.


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Samir Bellouti
Senior .NET Architect
9/23/2008 7:01:06 AM

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