Custom Validator - Client Side script is not firing in one server


I am using the custom validator to validate something in the client side. It works fine in 3 different server. But it is not working fine in one server.

Is it depend on server enviornment?

My Code


<asp:CustomValidator id="cvCustVal" runat="server" EnableClientScript="True" ErrorMessage="The Application is required."ControlToValidate="ddlDropDown" ClientValidationFunction="fnValidate">*</asp:CustomValidator>

JavaScript Code

function fnValidate(source, arguments)


var DropDownValue = document.getElementById("ucCurrentControl322_ucPricing_ddlDropDown");

if (null != DropDownValue )


var iValue = new Number(DropDownValue[DropDownValue.selectedIndex].value);

arguments.IsValid=(iValue > -1);




arguments.IsValid = false;






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No.Check to see if you have javascript disabled in that server. 


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4/1/2008 1:41:24 PM


But, my other javascript functions which are calling seaparately, not by customvalidator is working fine.

This javascript with customvalidator only not triggering.

 Do you have any idea why it is not triggering?



4/1/2008 1:57:51 PM

Even if there is a problem on the client-side, server side validation should still detect the problem. Unfortunately, you haven't setup the ServerValidate event on the customvalidator to support server side validation. Always do that. Also always test Page.IsValid is true in your button's Click event prior to saving or using the data.

Looking at your validator's code, you wrote something that could have been done with the RequiredFieldValidator. It detects a no-selection case on lists and dropdownlists.

--- Peter Blum
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4/1/2008 4:24:37 PM

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