Convert a String to a Number

How can i convert a character to a number, so that the result is only numerical digits, and would always be the same, besides 26 (plus non-alpha characters) if-then statements.

like, A = 1 and A always equals 1

so if I had the string:  1234A

after converting, I would get the result:  12341

A doesn't necessarily have to = 1, or even a single digit.  It just has to equal a numerical... number.

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perhaps you can do something like this. 

Store your letters in an array A and maintain a cooresponding array B that has the numeric equivalent you would want to replace the letter with.

When an alpha character is found in array A, you simply substitute the value from array B at the same index position giving you repeatable replacements.

        Dim arA As Char() = {"A", "B", "C", "D", "E"}
        Dim arB As Char() = {"1", "2", "3", "4", "5"}

        Dim test As String = "1234A"

        'convert test string into a char array
        Dim chars As Char() = test.ToCharArray

        'for each char in our input string
        For index As Integer = 0 To chars.Length - 1
            'find each char in the first array
            'converting to uppercase as we go
            'to match how we entered them in our 1st array
            Dim i As Integer = Array.IndexOf(arA, Char.ToUpperInvariant(chars(index)))

            'if found, use the char in the same index position from the 2nd array
            'and replace the character
            If i >= 0 Then chars(index) = arB(i)


        'now convert the char array back into a string
        test = New String(chars)

        'test will now equal "12341"
Mike Banavige

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12/29/2007 1:00:04 AM

Yeah, that would work.  But i was looking for something even simpler, like using an ASCII code, or converting the string as a whole to hex.

 Like ConvertToSomething(125t-12A) = 23098432 or whatever.

 Maybe i could combine that with your idea, but instead of using arrays, just iterate each character and if it is non-numeric, convert it to something that is numeric.

 Thanks for your suggestions.

12/29/2007 1:15:41 AM

Try something like this:


string x = "50";

Int32 i = Int32.Parse(x);

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12/29/2007 1:19:24 AM


... just iterate each character and if it is non-numeric, convert it to something that is numeric.

In order to distinguish between the characters that are numeric digits and those that are not, i think you will need to iterate.  Here's a simpler iteration.

        Dim sb As New StringBuilder
        Dim test As String = "1234A"
        For Each c As Char In test.ToCharArray
            If Char.IsDigit(c) Then
            End If
        test = sb.ToString
Mike Banavige

Need a site code sample in a different language? Try converting it with:
12/29/2007 1:25:21 AM

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