Control.Value and Control.SelectedItem.Value

Can someone explain to me the difference between say, Dropdownlist.SelectedItem.Value and Dropdownlist.SelectedValue??

Just curious,

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These are going to return the same thing. dropdownlist.selectedvalue is a shortcut to get the currently selected value in the dropdown. If that is all you want then you can just use that. If you want to access the currently selected item you can use dropdownlist.selecteditem and that return the item and you can then access any of the item's properties, including in this case the value property. 

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Hi tbraga,

SelectedValue  represent:

Gets the value of the selected item in the list control, or selects the item in the list control that contains the specified value.

public virtual string SelectedValue { get; set; }

it is readable and writable. the following code is its function realization.

public virtual string SelectedValue
        int selectedIndex = this.SelectedIndex;
        if (selectedIndex >= 0)
            return this.Items[selectedIndex].Value;
        return string.Empty;
SelectedItem   represent:

Gets the selected item with the lowest index in the list control.

public virtual ListItem SelectedItem { get; }
You can get the selected item, it is readable only.
The following code is the function realization.
public virtual ListItem SelectedItem
        int selectedIndex = this.SelectedIndex;
        if (selectedIndex >= 0)
            return this.Items[selectedIndex];
        return null;
From the above code, it return the same value for the control.selectvalue and control.selectitem.value.
Hope it helps,
Hua Jun

Hua Jun Li
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3/7/2008 3:36:49 AM

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