Compilation issue with ascx controls.

I have a bunch of ascx controls which I am loading at runtime.   Below is an example. 

        if (e.PageView.ID.StartsWith("Submissions"))
            controls_SubmissionsList submissionsList = (controls_SubmissionsList)LoadControl("controls/submissionslist.ascx");
            submissionsList.InquiryId = Convert.ToInt32(e.PageView.ID.Remove(0, 11));

 Each time I edit anything in the App_Code directory and try and run it I get the error:

     Error 1 The type or namespace name 'controls_SubmissionsList' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) c:\SCID\SCID.Web\Default.aspx.cs 40 13 c:\SCID\SCID.Web\

To fix this I need to clean and rebuild the entire solution.  This is a really time consuming and annoying, really slowing my workflow.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this???





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Chck the above Descison It shows who To ad user control dynaically.....

What is "controls_SubmissionsList" ??

Avinash Tiwari

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5/5/2009 5:18:01 AM


<%@ Assembly src="src/MySource.vb" %>
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Imran Baloch
5/5/2009 5:19:11 AM

Is controls_SubmissionsList the name of the class?
Can you try to drag n drop the control on the page and see if that works. 

Bind GridView to Dynamically created DataTable | Bind DataTable to DropDownList

My Blog
5/5/2009 6:36:32 AM

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