Client-side validation works, but server-side does not.

Hey all,

I have got this text box control on my webform, which has two validators.. 1. RegularExpressionValidator and 2. CustomValidator.

Now, RegularExpressionValidator control works if I enable client-script. But somehow it does not work for server-side validation. Any idea why this is happening? This happens to another textbox control on other web form as well which has similar coding. So, to enable the validation at present I can only do client-side validation I guess.



1    <TD>
2    		<anthem:TextBox id="txtDatePlannedSurgery" CssClass="aspText" Runat="server" AutoCallBack="false"
3    		Columns="12" TabIndex="53" AutoUpdateAfterCallBack="True"></anthem:TextBox>
4    </TD>
5    </TR>
6    <tr>
7    <td colspan="2" align="left" valign="top">
8    		<anthem:RegularExpressionValidator ID="surgeryDate_RegVal" AutoUpdateAfterCallBack="true" runat="server" ControlToValidate="txtDatePlannedSurgery"
9    		ValidationExpression="\d{1,2}\/\d{1,2}\/\d{4}" ErrorMessage="Please enter date in dd/mm/yyyy format only" EnableClientScript="true"
10             ValidationGroup="preoperativeValidation" CssClass="errorControlText" Display="dynamic"></anthem:RegularExpressionValidator>
11   </td>
12   </tr>
13   <tr>
14   <td colspan="2" align="left" valign="top">
15   		<anthem:CustomValidator ID="surgeryDateCustom" runat="server" AutoUpdateAfterCallBack="true"
16              ErrorMessage="Please enter valid date" Enabled="true" ControlToValidate="txtDatePlannedSurgery"
17              CssClass="errorControlText" Display="dynamic" Visible="true" EnableClientScript="false"
18              ValidationGroup="preoperativeValidation" OnServerValidate="dateValidationCall"></anthem:CustomValidator>
19  </td>
20  </tr>






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i was thinking to explain to you

but i think you will understand more by read yourself

James Wu (MIB426)
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1/11/2007 3:45:06 AM


Paste the server side code too.



Plz mark this post as marked if it helps.

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1/11/2007 4:42:06 AM

Ummm.. for regularexpression validator, there is no server side code that I have written. Its just default regularexpression validator control. Say, its original asp control instead of anthem control.


1/11/2007 5:37:59 AM

i was thinking to explain to you

but i think you will understand more by read yourself


That was quite informative, but didn't really helped me in solving my problem :( Could you throw some light where I am missing out..


1/11/2007 5:39:30 AM

Make sure you test Page.IsValid is true inside your button's Click event handler method. If you post back from a control other than a button or the button has CausesValidation=false, call Page.Validate() first.

Another article for this:  (I wrote it, so I know it addresses the issues I'm presenting.)

--- Peter Blum
Creator of Peter's Data Entry Suite (formerly Professional Validation And More and Peter's Date Package) and Peter's Polling Package
1/11/2007 7:44:55 PM

That's true. In my code-behind what I'm doing now is, 

I've set button's CauseValidation property to false. I am also checking for Page.IsValid property in my button click event. And before that I'm calling Page.Validate() method. I'm trying to debug and see what happends in there. But I couldn't figure out why RegularExpression is not getting validated.

Same thing works in other test page.  Is there a way that I can track when the regularexpression validator checks for validation on postback while debugging. I pressed F11 for debugging line-by-line when Page.Validate() method called, but all it showed was going through all control's visible property.

Any ideas...





1/12/2007 5:49:17 AM

okey here i'm gonna put something which I find interesting...

So, I have RegularExpressionValidator and CustomValidator on my textbox control..

I had a method that gets executed for custom validation. While I was debugging Page.Validate(), I noticed that custom validation method gets executed first and then it moves on. I'm not sure though when RegularExpressionValidation occurs.

Now, in custom validation method, I was dealing with the string value entered in textbox, which I expected in dd/mm/yyyy format and was under impression that if custom validation occurs on this text box that means it has passed regular expression validation which is not the case. So, I put a try catch block in my method and then debugged it again. This time, I let whole button click method execute, and when I saw on my page, it actually had error message for Regular expression validator..


So, does that mean, custom validation always gets performed before regular expression validation? Can't I make it in a way that if regular expression validator first evaluates and if it fails, it doesn't go for custom validation, and displays that message?

 I am posting my custom validation method here just for reference:


public bool isValidDate(string datearg)
        string dtCh = "/";
        int minYear = 1800;
        int maxYear = 2100;
            int pos1 = datearg.IndexOf(dtCh);
            int pos2 = datearg.IndexOf(dtCh, pos1 + 1);

            string strDay = datearg.Substring(0, pos1);
            string strMonth = datearg.Substring(pos1 + 1, pos2 - (pos1 + 1));
            string strYear = datearg.Substring(pos2 + 1);

            if (strDay.StartsWith("0") && strDay.Length > 1)
                strDay = strDay.Substring(1);

            if (strMonth.StartsWith("0") && strMonth.Length > 1)
                strMonth = strMonth.Substring(1);

            if (datearg.Length > 10)
                return false;
            // year has to be in 4 digit. otherwise return false.
            if (strYear.Length != 4)
                return false;
            // date must be in the defined format. i.e. dd/mm/yyyy
            if (pos1 == -1 || pos2 == -1)
                return false;

            int day = int.Parse(strDay);
            int month = int.Parse(strMonth);
            int year = int.Parse(strYear);

            if (strDay.Length < 1 || day < 1 || day > 31 || (month == 2 && day > getDaysInFeb(year)) || day > getDaysInMonth(month))
                return false;
            if (strMonth.Length < 1 || month < 1 || month > 12)
                return false;
            if (strYear.Length != 4 || year == 0 || year < minYear || year > maxYear)
                return false;
        catch (Exception e)
            return false;

        return true;



Please give your thoughts about this..




1/12/2007 6:34:29 AM

I had a similar problem, and in particular I was using the Anthem framework, just as you were. The validation didn't seem to be firing. It turns out that it was, but I simply wasn't checking the Page.IsValid property in my Button_OnClick method, as PLBlum above suggested.

Ujjaval, since the source for your Button_OnClick method isn't shown, it's tough to be sure, but I'll reiterate that you want to follow the practice detailed here:


7/9/2008 4:48:08 AM

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