Click event not fired for dynamic image button


   I have created one website with master and content pages ...On Master page I have created some dynamic image button controls on load event

i have created array of image buttons and taken one placeholder on web page then i have added image buttons on placeholder with while loop and added placeholder on web page .

    but my problem is that the click event for dynamic generated image button is not fired , it is like Unreachable code.

my code on master page is

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) 



    ...some database and other code 


HtmlTableRow htr = new HtmlTableRow();
        htr.ID = "Row_Service";

        string imgPath;
        while (k < row_counter)

            HtmlTableCell htc = new HtmlTableCell();
            htc.ID = "Cell" + k;
            htc.BorderColor = System.Drawing.Color.Crimson.ToString();
            htc.Width = "2";
            img[k] = new ImageButton();
            LB[k] = new Label();
            img[k].Attributes.Add("runat", "server");
            img[k].ID = dsimg.Tables[0].Rows[k]["ClassId"].ToString() + ":" + dsimg.Tables[0].Rows[k]["ServiceId"].ToString();
            imgPath = Server.MapPath(dsimg.Tables[0].Rows[k]["Service"].ToString());
            img[k].ImageUrl = imgPath;
            img[k].Height = 100;
            img[k].Width = 100;
            img[k].CommandArgument = "Type" + k;
            img[k].CommandName = dsimg.Tables[0].Rows[k]["Service"].ToString();
            img[k].Click += new ImageClickEventHandler(DesignMaster_Click);


            //aImageButtons.Add("img" + k);
            //Session["ImageButtons"] = aImageButtons;
            k = k + 1;



  void DesignMaster_Click(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e)
        ImageButton im = (ImageButton)sender;
        Session["Id"] = im.ID;


      001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:12.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";} @page Section1 {size:8.5in 11.0in; margin:1.0in 1.25in 1.0in 1.25in; mso-header-margin:.5in; mso-footer-margin:.5in; mso-paper-source:0;} div.Section1 {page:Section1;} --> /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;}



So can any one know how to solve this problem............Thanks in advance..


Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;}  

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 Are you creating these dynamic controls inside the If(!ispostback) condition, If yes, then you need to remove the condition and create the dynamic controls even on postback...


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