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 I don't know whether my Subject is related to this post or not. Let me describe what I want to create is.

I want to have UI to create a HTML: where user can select at what location on tha HTML page which control will be there. Controls will be like Textbox, label,  table etc, these will be veery basic controls. And then after creating that we will save that html as text in the database. Then whenever we need that we will all that and display as innerHTML of some textarea or iFrame so that the user will find that html form and he can fill and save the data. Please let me know if my requirement is not clear. I am not expecting a concrete solution on this, but it will be great if I even find a good idea about how to move in this direction.

Thanks & Regards
Girish Nehte

Thanks & Regards
Girish Nehte

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or if you want something more simple, try to divide your page with set of usercontrols.

create a page to save the personal settings for each user that allow the user to select want he want to display in his own personal page .

then when the user open his own page, use Page.LoadControl("myusercontrol1.ascx") to load you usercontrols depending on user selection.



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Personally, I'd use Web Parts and let its personalization features handle saving the "form" state.

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