Calling server function outside the form element messes up the hierarchy (like <title> <% myTitle %> <title> )

I'm pretty new to internet development, haven't done any prior to .net, so I might be missing something to obvious..

From what I understand Page.Controls is a collection of 3 elements - literal control, form & anoether litteral control
I have a code like this "HtmlForm htmlForm =(HtmlForm) Page.Controls[1];" in my base page, which is inherrited by multiple pages.
However, if I have a server side function call outside the <Form></Form> element (like this "<title> <% myTitle %> <title> ") I no longer have a collection of 3 elements, but only have 1 element - Controls[0].
Is there a general rule, not to place a server side code outside of a Form tag? If so, is there a way to change the title of the page via javascript (called from the server side with needed parameters)

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obvioulsy I meant "<title> <% myTitle(); %> 

And here is the server side
public void myTitle()
Response.Write("this is form 1");
11/3/2003 10:17:46 PM

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