Calling a function on a page from a control that is contained on the page

I have a page that contains several Web User Controls. Is it possible to call a function/subroutine on the page from inside one of the user controls?


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yes you follow the following:

1- add new class call it BasePage which inhirits from System.Web.UI.Page.

2- let the code behind class for the page  that will hold the control inhirits from this BasePage Class.

3-add the function you need to call in the BasePage Class.

4- in the control in the button click event for an example, you will use the following code to get the page which contains this control, cast it to the BasePage then call the function testmethod() from it.


I hope this will help,

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Haitham ELRefaie

2/28/2009 6:36:49 AM

this much will be sufficient

public void testmethod()


in the user control. call this.Page.testmethod();


2/28/2009 7:26:21 AM

 Hi mate,

you just need to declare public functions to access them from outside the control.

Put following in your usercontrol :

public void GetUserControlvalue()


 //You code here



Now you can access it in your aspx page like below:


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dear Owen,

do you want to place the method in the page and call it from the control or do you want to place the method in the control and call it from the page ?

my reply was for the assumption that you want to place a method in the page that holds a specific control and call the method from inside the control..

 Haitham ElRefaie

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3/1/2009 4:18:26 AM

Actually, what I ended up doing in this specific case was to create and raise an event in the control and then handle the event from the page that contains the control.

 Thanks for the suggestions....

3/2/2009 2:11:18 PM


Actually, what I ended up doing in this specific case was to create and raise an event in the control and then handle the event from the page that contains the control.

 Thanks for the suggestions....

Based on my experience, I suggest you solve it by declaring a event in User Control and register this event  in the page, please refer to the following code:

    private delegate void UserControlHandler(object obj,EventArgs e);
    public event UserControlHandler UserEvent;
    public void OnUserAction(EventArgs e)
        if (UserEvent != null)
            UserEvent(this, e);

 At the same time, please refer to the follosing links:

This article introduce that how to handle the event of UserControl by page.


Gary yang - MSFT
Microsoft Online Community Support

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3/4/2009 3:48:06 AM

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