Call public method on aspx page from a web control embedded in the page

I have a nut to crack.

How do I call a public method on my aspx page from my web control, the web control is embedded into the page.

The markup looks like this:-  

1    <asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
2    <ContentTemplate>
3    <asp:Xml ID="Xml1" runat="server"></asp:Xml>
4    <uc2:tier3menu ID="menu1" runat="server" />
5    </ContentTemplate>
6    </asp:UpdatePanel>
I wrote an itemcommand thingie in the web control that needs to set the Documentsource and Transformsource on the asp:Xml
The help is much appreciated!
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Hi midwinter,

you can use an event check the msdn .net library to fin the sutable one, in the event put the method name (event="methodName")

a event method is writen like this;

protected void methodName(object sender, EventArgs e)
        // some code

If you all redy have a public method you can write a overload (same name with diffrent parameters).

public void methodName()
        // some code

protected void methodName(object sender, EventArgs e)

Let me know if this helps.

Simon Deshaies

Support Specialist / Support C# Analyst at Nstein Technologies

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4/17/2008 3:03:39 PM

To clarify my question, assuming that I have a public method on the aspx page 

1    public void SetContent(string xml, string xslt)
2    {
3       Xml1.DocumentSource = xml;
4       Xml1.TransformSource = xslt;
5    }

 How do I call it from inside the webcontrol? Can I just call it like that?

4/17/2008 6:28:04 PM

I'm sorry I read fast and mistaken web control for web page. Your web control is a class, right?

public class MyWebControl: WebControl...

So a public method of a class can be called from any other class.

The web page code behing class is a public partial class. partial is use to split one class in many files, parts, and every method are availeble to the other parts. I understand that you can call your method as it is.

Did you try it? If so what hapen?

MSDN: Using the partial keyword indicates that other parts of the class, struct, or interface can be defined within the namespace. All the parts must use the partial keyword. All of the parts must be available at compile time to form the final type. All the parts must have the same accessibility, such as public, private, and so on. If any of the parts are declared abstract, then the entire type is considered abstract. If any of the parts are declared sealed, then the entire type is considered sealed. If any of the parts declare a base type, then the entire type inherits that class. All of the parts that specify a base class must agree, but parts that omit a base class still inherit the base type. Parts can specify different base interfaces, and the final type implements all of the interfaces listed by all of the partial declarations. Any class, struct, or interface members declared in a partial definition are available to all of the other parts. The final type is the combination of all the parts at compile time.

Hope this help. let me know.

Simon Deshaies

Support Specialist / Support C# Analyst at Nstein Technologies

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4/17/2008 8:03:55 PM

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