calendar date span (date start : date end)


Can anyone help me with this?

Say, I have these two textboxes.

Date Start:  




Date End:   





What I wanted to do is to put dates on it using the calendar.

My problem is I do not know what to do to keep the "Date Start" not way after the set "Date End", and for "Date End" not way before the set "Date Start".



Date Start: July 1, 2008                  Date End: June 30, 2008       >>"Date End" has already passed "Date Start"


Date Start: December 25, 2008              Date End: July 1, 2008      >>"Date Start" is set way way after "Date End"


Hope some one could help me with this.

Thanks in advance. Big Smile


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have a look at this link..

this can help you..

there is a veri good javascript eg for date comparision

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Ravi Kant Srivastava
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7/3/2008 6:50:03 AM

Thank you very much. I haven't tried it yet. But I hope it will work. Big Smile

7/4/2008 8:16:52 AM

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