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Hi, I would like to put a calendar on my webpage that informs users of special events coming up.  I would like the users to be able to mouse over a date and for a balloon or something to pop up and inform them of any events on that date.

How do I go about writing the code for something like this?  Thank you.

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Hi kmj2384,

U can dynamically add any Html tag to Calendar Contol Cell from DayRender Method.

U can use e.Cell.Text  = <Dynamically Generated Html DATA> in DayRender method.

In the HTML u can put onmouseover and onmouseout to hide and show any div.

I hope this will lead ur to the right direction.

Please mark as Answer if it helps u. Thanks!

Parth Patel
Techsture Technologies
Software Developer
6/26/2008 4:58:33 AM
6/26/2008 5:10:30 AM

hi kmj,

just look over the article.. it helps u

6/26/2008 10:43:50 AM

Thanks a lot for your help guys, I appreciate it.

6/26/2008 9:59:33 PM

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