Affecting a control on one page from another page

I have a page that is launched using showModalDialog, and I would like to change an HtmlInputCheckBox on the parent page when an event on the modal page is fired (in the code-behind).  Is this possible, and if so, how?  I've tried using


 but this doesn't work, and I'm not sure how else to handle it.  Any suggestion would be welcome.




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No, this==> self.opener.document.forms[0].ApplyPhaseIn.checked=false; you have to put in a javascript function on the second page ;

for example put it in onClick of  a button or when you do the window.close() of the second page.


//Mark my post as answer if this helped you.Thanks! \\

//Mark my post as answer if this helped you.Thanks!\\
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When I move this into a javascript on the modal page, I get an error stating that self.opener is null or is not an object. 

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Hi Broodmdh,

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