accessing objects within objects

I have a class, Computer. I have a hashtable full of classes that is within Computer. It is Categories (ie cpu, ram, etc).  I try to access my Category like this and it doesn't work. I am recently switching from ASP to ASP.NET/C# so vbscript was my only previous programming experience.

Computer myComputer = new Computer("tower2000");
// within the Computer constructor is when it creates the 30 or so categories
// of computer parts, as a hashtable and creating a new Category object for each
Category myCategory = (Category) myComputer.myCategories[0];
Label1.Text = myCategory.CategoryID;
// This causes an error. There is a property within each Category class that is CategoryID
// that gets set to the Category's ID upon constructor.
What am I doing wrong? Thank you, Bret.
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Could you tell us what the error message says and also show us the [appropriate] code.

Steven Bey

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