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Hi everyone

I am trying to develop an and web application. I am wondering that how my application will check that web services provided by the iis server is working ok. I am actually trying to access the www, ftp and smtp services offered by the iis server. And to see that if they are working ok. I am wondering that how do i access the iis server using my application or webpage. And thus after accessing this, how do i access the web services offered by iis server.

Any hint guys.

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Hi sb_harp,

Based on my understanding, you want to consume a web service in your web form page or a

Please feel free to correct me if I have misunderstood your concern.

I have concluded several steps for you to use a Web Service in a web application in Visual studio 2005.
1. You should get a Web Service resource by using the Add Web Reference tool.
2. Importing the namespace of the Web Service by using syntax.
3. Declaring and Creating a Web Service proxy class.
4. You can consume the web service by invoking the proxy class member method.
5. You can assign the URL of the web service to the URL property of proxy class.

For more information about Web service in .Net, please visit the following Web sites.

Hope this Information is helpful!


Xun Ye.
Microsoft Online Community Support
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Thanks mate for posting valueable clue !

Basically i am trying to develop an application in and that will monitor the Web services provided by IIS Server. Basically, i am trying to view the below three services provided by IIS Server:

1. WWW service

2. SMTP service

3. FTP service.

The application that i am trying to develop will monitor the status of these three services provided by IIS Server. This application, that i am developing, will refresh after every 1 minute. So if any how any of the above written services by IIS server fails or gets disable then it will display a message on the screen that this specific service has gone disabled.

 Please give me a hint or refer me to some website or book to get max. help.

Cheers !


11/17/2007 9:53:21 PM

Hi Xun

 Actually i am trying to develop a small part of my part. As explained under:

I am trying to develop an application in and that will check or monitor Web services provided by IIS Server. These are as under

  • WWW  - World Wide Web Publish Service (Provides Web connectivity and administration)
  • FTP   - File Transfer Protocol (Provide connectivity to transfer files to/from the server)
  • SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (Transfer electronic mail across a network)

 The application will monitor the above protocol 24/7. In the event of failure, the application will alert the Network Administrator through Email.


• The application can be configure to send a summary or detailed Email of the current protocol status with server details and points of failure.

• Secondly, the application will be configurable to also send a failure alert text message to a designated mobile phone number warning of the failure of the any or all of these protocols.

So any clue. I dont know where to start from. Though i am reading couple of books nd consulting websites like MSDN.

Cheers !


11/19/2007 12:40:38 AM

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