A user control to authenticate users

Hi all

I have a simple user control..with two textboxes(Email and Password) and a button and two links (Forgot your password & To  register click here) ... i'm using windows forms ... when the sign in button is clicked ...i'm trying to validate user credentials against a database..if valid..i instantiate a new principal object ...and place it in the Context.User


string encPassword = new User().Encrypt(txtPassword.Text);

MySitePrincipal newUser = MySitePrincipal.ValidateLogin( txtEmailAddress.Text, encPassword);

if (newUser != null)


Context.User = newUser;




then..i'm calling Response.Redirect(Request.Path) to fire the page_load event of the control again to perform some customization


private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)




MySitePrincipal currentUser = null;

if(Context.User is MySitePrincipal)

currentUser = (MySitePrincipal) Context.User;

if(currentUser != null)



///Not signed in controls/////


lblToRegister.Visible = false;

imgSignIn.Visible = false;

lnkPassword.Visible = false;

lnkRegister.Visible = false;

txtEmailAddress.Visible = false;

txtPassword.Visible = false;

REVEmail.Enabled = false;

REVPassword.Enabled = false;

lblEmail.Visible = false;

lblPassword.Visible = false;

btnSignIn.Visible = false;



///Signed in controls////////


imgWelcome.Visible = true;

btnSignOut.Visible = true;

btnProfile.Visible = true;

lblWelcomeMsg.Visible = true;





///Not signed in controls/////


lblToRegister.Visible = true;

imgSignIn.Visible = true;

lnkPassword.Visible = true;

lnkRegister.Visible = true;

txtEmailAddress.Visible = true;

txtPassword.Visible = true;

REVEmail.Enabled = true;

REVPassword.Enabled = true;

lblEmail.Visible = true;

lblPassword.Visible = true;

btnSignIn.Visible = true;



///Signed in controls////////


imgWelcome.Visible = false;

btnSignOut.Visible = false;

btnProfile.Visible = false;

lblWelcomeMsg.Visible = false;






The problem is that the Context.User is always a GenericPrincipal...although i  replaced it with my own MySitePrincipal after authenticating user...how could i solve this problem??

Thanks in advance

5/6/2005 9:29:12 AM
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