(How) Can i use the form elements of a user control from another user control???

i have a user control with 4 other user controls. Actually i have 4 panels and each user control is inside a panel. Its like a 4 page form which are all connected to each other.
Is it possible to have access to web controls that i have in my user controls from the main user control.
In my main user control i have a submit button and a tab list. User can browse through the tabs and each tab is bound to a panel. so clicking on tab1 makes panel1 visible which holds the first user control, second tab makes second panel visible and the rest invisible and the second panel holds the second user control. Each user control is made of form elements. when i click the submit button from the main user conrtol (or say web form) i want to be able to get all values from every form element i have in my user controls. Is this possible?

I can insert the actual form design in each panel but it makes the page look real complicated so i wanted to use a seperate user control for each panel. textbox1 in usercontrol2 is not defined in my main user control so i cant use textbox.text. I wonder if there is a way to inherit other  user control elements in the main one.

thanks in advance,
6/22/2005 6:49:30 AM
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Try to change the elements in the user controls from protected to public like this:
public System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox textbox;

And declare the user controls in the main control like this:
protected WebUserControl1 webUserControl1;
protected WebUserControl2 webUserControl2;
protected WebUserControl3 webUserControl3;
protected WebUserControl4 webUserControl4;

Some words about .Net programming.
6/22/2005 11:21:26 AM
An then call the textbox1 as webusercontrol2.textbox2 right? 

Is there a way to tell visual studio to use public instead of private for every item i drop in the page? Or should i change them manual?

6/22/2005 1:56:11 PM
I did it what you said but i m getting the following error. 
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
usercontrol2.Label1.Text = "hello world"

End Sub

Here is more information about what i do. I have a tab control with 5 tabs. Clicking a tab makes a panel visible which holds a user control. so there is always one panel (one user control) visible in my page. I want user to browse through each tab, fill any form he wants and hit the submit button at the end. The tab,panels and the submit button is in my main page (say main.aspx). So when the user clicks submit i should have access to all textboxes, radio buttons, checkboxes in other user controls.

In the above code i tried to set the text property of label1 (in my second user control) to "hello world" but got the error.
And here are my declarations:
Protected usercontrol1 As  usercontrol1
Protected usercontrol2 As  usercontrol2

and here is how my label1 is declared in usercontrol2
Public WithEvents Label1 As System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label

Any help will greately be appreciated,

6/22/2005 2:56:46 PM

I am also trying to access a button Control back color from the form and getting the same error. Can anybocy help US??????Sad [:(]Confused [8-)]
6/23/2005 2:10:35 PM

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