Need help getting a form to work please

I am essentially a comnplete novice at web programming - I am building a website using a template downloaded from MS as a starting point and then playing with the html and css until it works as I want it!

I am trying to integrate RomanCart into a website I am bulding with Visual Studio Express.
The theory is that having created some product info on the online cart, it generates some code that I can simply cut and paste into my website.

My problem appears to be that it generates an html form and the application I am building is a .aspx app that needs me to have server side code to generate the 'form'.

This is the code I am using

<form action='' method='post'>
        <input type='hidden' name='itemcode' value='BH0001'/>
        <input type='hidden' name='storeid' value='42016'/>
        Bohunt School Blazer : <select name='itemname2'><option value='Boys'>Boys</option><option value='Girls'>Girls</option></select>
       : <select name='itemname3'><option value='Small'>Small</option><option value='Medium'>Medium</option><option value='Large'>Large</option></select>
        <input type='submit' value='Add to basket'/>

I get the expected results displayed in my web page but when I click 'add to basket' button it simply refreshes the page containing the code.

I am guessing that I need to use something like the following code which is in the Contacts page of the template but can't really figure out what should go where, whether I need all of it, some of it........... :(

Any help gratefully received.

<div id="contactForm">
  <fieldset style="width:391px; height: 239px;">
   <legend>Send us your details if you want us to contact you</legend>
   <asp:Label ID="label1" runat="server" AssociatedControlID="txtName"><u>N</u>ame</asp:Label>
   <br />
   <asp:TextBox ID="txtName" runat="server" AccessKey="n" TabIndex="10"
                Width="184px" /><br />
   <asp:Label  ID="label4" runat="server" AssociatedControlID="txtCompanyName"><u>C</u>ompany name</asp:Label><br />
   <asp:TextBox ID="txtCompanyName" runat="server" AccessKey="n" TabIndex="10"
                Width="185px" Height="19px" /><br />
   <asp:Label ID="label3" runat="server" AssociatedControlID="txtZip"><u>P</u>ost code</asp:Label>
            <br />
   <asp:TextBox ID="txtZip" runat="server" AccessKey="p" TabIndex="11"></asp:TextBox>
      <br />
            <br />
   <asp:Label ID="label5" runat="server" AssociatedControlID="txtTelephoneNo"><u>T</u>elephone number</asp:Label><br />
   <asp:TextBox ID="TxtTelephoneNo" runat="server" AccessKey="n" TabIndex="12" /><br />
   <asp:Label ID="label2" runat="server" AssociatedControlID="Email"><u>E</u>mail address</asp:Label><br />
            <asp:TextBox ID="Email" runat="server" AccessKey="e" TabIndex="12"
                Height="19px" Width="185px"></asp:TextBox><br />
  <br />
  <asp:Button ID="SendEmail" runat="server" Text="Submit" TabIndex="15" AccessKey="j" />

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Your question is a bit confusing... Anyway, I would suggest you to start looking at this


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Hi all

just to let everyone know, I solved my problem like this: 

<form action=http//></form>

         <form action='' method='post'>
        <input type='hidden' name='itemcode' value='BH0001'/>
        <input type='hidden' name='storeid' value='42016'/>
        Bohunt School Blazer : <select name='itemname2'><option value='Boys'>Boys</option><option value='Girls'>Girls</option></select>
       : <select name='itemname3'><option value='Small'>Small</option><option value='Medium'>Medium</option><option value='Large'>Large</option></select>
        <input type='submit' value='Add to basket'/>

<form action=http//></form>

1/18/2009 1:16:37 PM

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