How to delete a web site in Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition

I cannot believe that I am asking a question like this. But goes...

How does one delete (remove) a web site in Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition?

I looked high and low through the menu system and the toolbars. But I could find what for me would be an obvious menu item the file menu.

Feel a bit silly, but I thought I best ask. Maybe I am missing something extremely obvious. So obvious that I am blinded by it.

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When you create a website through VWD, the default location for saving is: My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\WebSites\AppName .

You can remove the website by deleting that folder. Then, the next time you run VWD when you select that website, it will allow you to remove it from the recent project list.

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you need to manually delete it ...

go to its directory (default is in "your document/Visual studio 2008 /Websites/websiteName", and delete it ..




Anas Ghanem.

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4/16/2008 12:56:55 PM

For example

     I put the website into the folder,which the name is Web.The folder is in E disk.If I want to delete one website ,I go into the Web folder and delete it directly.

4/17/2008 10:14:10 AM

Thanks to you all.

I created it as a web (http). I can delete the web easily enough it just leaves the projects. Figured out a method.

(Ran into some other difficulties after playing around which I had to figure out. Anyway, got it all working now.)

  1. Delete the web site (in IIS  or just delete the folder, e.g. C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\MyWebSite)
  2. Delete the project folder (in ...\My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects)
  3. Remove the project name in the registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VWDExpress\9.0\ProjectMRUList)
  4. Have to rename the names so the File1, File2, etc. stay in sequence)

That works. Was hoping for a cleaner way.

4/20/2008 8:28:54 PM

That work for websites created locally; but how do you delete a website created from a "remote website" ?

6/22/2008 6:15:35 PM

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