How can I make a installation package for my ASP.NET 2.0 website just like Community Server 2.1 installer?

The Community Server 2.1 installation package can create web virtual folder,and can configure virtual folder as an application,and can set permissions for folder, and can create SQL 2005 DB, and can create username and password for the DB, could you tell me what utility can do that? Many Thanks!
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Visual Studio 2005 supports Web Setup project which can create installation package. You can also using other Installation tools like InstallShield, etc. to do so.


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Can I make installation package with Visual Web Developer 2005 Express version? if not, is there other free utility?
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In Visual Studio the Publish Web Site utility can compiles your Web site into a set of executable files. You can then copy the files using any method you choose to the target server.

However the Publish Web Site utility is not available in Visual Web Developer Express Edition.

Check this:

For visual studio version information:


And some of the commecial installer offers this kind of feature, however the free version unfortunately don't have the feature. e.g.


Here is a list a installation tools:

You can compare them yourself, however I think the best idea is upgrading your Visual Studio if you need this feature frequently.


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