Error when running configuration

Hi All,

When I go to web Site/ configuration I get the following error message.  Thanks in advance.  Bob

An error was encountered. Please return to the previous page and try again.

The following message may help in diagnosing the problem: System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: A configuration file cannot be created for the requested Configuration object. at System.Configuration.MgmtConfigurationRecord.SaveAs(String filename, ConfigurationSaveMode saveMode, Boolean forceUpdateAll) at System.Configuration.Configuration.SaveAsImpl(String filename, ConfigurationSaveMode saveMode, Boolean forceSaveAll) at System.Configuration.Configuration.Save(ConfigurationSaveMode saveMode) at System.Web.Administration.WebAdminPage.SaveConfig(Configuration config) at System.Web.Administration.WebAdminPage.VerifyAppValid()


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Hey Bob,

ASP.Net runs under the ASPNET user. In order to write the web.config file (which it always makes the first time you call the admin tool), it has to have the proper rights to write the file. Can you check if these rights are correct on your machine?

If this user does not exist , run: C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis.exe

good luck,


4/19/2006 3:19:51 PM
thanks Owin,  I will check tonight.  Bob
4/19/2006 8:17:19 PM

Ok Owin,

I finally got back to this,  I added the ASPNET user to the administrator group.  I still get the same error.  Does SQL server express need to be installed for this to work?  Thanks  Bob

4/25/2006 2:50:02 AM


SQL has nothing to do with it.

You did register the ASONET user as described?
Otherwise , maybe it's not the ASPNET user trying to save the config file. Try giving 'Everyone' access to the right folder


4/25/2006 6:46:32 AM


This is really strange.  I do have Delphi 2006 installed on my machine if that gives you a clue.  What should I use as a command line for aspnet_regiis?  What is the correct folder, this is new to me so I don't even know what the asp.configuration file is trying to access.  I thought it would be the web.config file.

Thanks  Bob

4/25/2006 10:36:00 AM

You are is the web.config fle.
Because you are running your app, VS want to create theweb.onfig, but seems to have no rights.


There you'll find aspnet_regiis

4/25/2006 12:22:51 PM

Ok I figured this out.  Hmmm should I spill the beans?  The problem is in the Path.  My path included an "&".  C:\Documents and Settings\Lisa&Rob\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\WebSites.  VWD does not like the "&" in the path.  Even if you move the site to c:\web&sites\ you will still have the problem.  c:\websites works perfect.

Now if I can just get these applications to run quickly when I move them to my IIS server. 

Hope this helps other folks.


4/25/2006 12:40:24 PM

Hope my post is not too late... I also had the same problem and found out that not only '&' but also other characters such as '#' in the path of my projects can created such a problem. To solve it, make sure your project is saved in a path without these characters.



1/4/2007 7:23:01 AM

thanks a lot

i had also the same issue and Ur solution make things clear



3/16/2009 5:44:55 AM

Is there a way to detect the correct virtual path of my appliaction since it is being hosted on an isp IIS server?

Thanks. sterrish.
4/21/2009 12:29:11 PM

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