Authorizing an authenticated User to update Access database

I have a simple Access database residing in the App_Data folder to hold basic site admin data (page hits, Last_Update date etc). I have a simple Login page for a single Admin user (me) to log in to a Secret.aspx page to display the table data for edits. This page is located in an Admin_Files folder which contains a separate Web.config file with standard deny users="?" authorization. The root Web.config has Authenticate Mode Forms and credentials for one Admin user.  All this is standard and works fine on my local network server. I can sign in, view and edit/add records because I am the admin by default. When uploaded to my public host it all works fine as far as viewing the data tables but raises an error when trying to update or add because db permissions are not set for updates. All this is understandable.  My question is - how and where do I include code to give permission to the already authorized Admin user who is viewing the table to edit the table? It seems like it should be simple. My Access DB was built without security settings so why the problem? There are several threads on Access db permissions that are similar but all seem to refer to local databases where it is simply a matter of changing local folder permissions not remote host folders.  Can this only be done by building the Access DB with some special type of permission before it is uploaded?

Thanks for any help

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answer is easy, contact your public host and ask write permission for that directory. I had the same problem and then I get write permission on that directory and I was able add and edit a database
Stefan Groenen
Lommel, Belgium
5/2/2007 6:24:16 PM

Thanks for replying.

Yes, I understand your solution and my host does provide a 'Data' folder but the question is a little more complex.  Having to ask the hosting service to set write permissions implies that every folder I include in a project is automatically tagged as read-only when uploaded. Is that typically the case?  I should be able to code to allow permissions to folders and files within my project without asking the host. The Help files do discuss some relevant topics such as modifying the Connection string for OLE DB but it is not very clear. I need a pointer for where to look at this in more detail.

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that's only possible if you're administrator of that server and because it's a public hosting only they can set permissions on files and folders, not you. If you have a host at your home you can say with ASP where people have access and also permission with group policy but now only your provider can do that
Stefan Groenen
Lommel, Belgium
5/3/2007 2:55:22 PM

Hi navenby,


Based on my experience, I guess the issue is due to process lack of write permission of the Data folder.


The process by default runs under “ASPNET” account (for IIS 5) or “Network Service” account (for IIS 6), they are less-privileged accounts which cannot write the folder by default.


To clarify this issue we can add a web page in your project to dynamically create a txt file in the Data folder. Then upload the page to the host and view it. I think the txt file cannot be created due to the write permission issue. Then you can contact the host to assign write permission to Data folder for account.



Benson Yu
Microsoft Online Community Support

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