Web services added as web applications are being converted to web sites

We have a somewhat large solution that we are converting from VS.NET 2003 to 2005 (using web application projects).

The conversion has been going very well until recently.  Basically, one of the other developers converted a number of web services to 2005 web services as web applications.  When he loads the solution that contains these projects, it loads and builds fine. Other developers can load the solution successfully and build as well.  When I try to load this solution, VS.NET 2005 checks out the .sln file as well as all of the folders these web service projects reside in.  When I save the solution, VS.NET 2005 seems to be converting these web service projects to web sites.

As an example, in the solution file, the following:

Project("{FAE04EC0-301F-11D3-BF4B-00C04F79EFBC}") = "EfmAdaptorWebServices", "EFM\EfmAdaptor\EfmAdaptorWebServices\EfmAdaptorWebServices.csproj", "{3373454A-7278-44B2-BDA9-C9E3B65BDC99}"

is being converted to:

Project("{E24C65DC-7377-472B-9ABA-BC803B73C61A}") = "D:\...\EfmAdaptorWebServices\", "EFM\EfmAdaptor\EfmAdaptorWebServices\", "{3373454A-7278-44B2-BDA9-C9E3B65BDC99}"
    ProjectSection(WebsiteProperties) = preProject
        Debug.AspNetCompiler.VirtualPath = "/EfmAdaptorWebServices"
        Debug.AspNetCompiler.PhysicalPath = "EFM\EfmAdaptor\EfmAdaptorWebServices\"
        Debug.AspNetCompiler.TargetPath = "PrecompiledWeb\EfmAdaptorWebServices\"
        Debug.AspNetCompiler.Updateable = "true"
        Debug.AspNetCompiler.ForceOverwrite = "true"
        Debug.AspNetCompiler.FixedNames = "false"
        Debug.AspNetCompiler.Debug = "True"
        Release.AspNetCompiler.VirtualPath = "/EfmAdaptorWebServices"
        Release.AspNetCompiler.PhysicalPath = "EFM\EfmAdaptor\EfmAdaptorWebServices\"
        Release.AspNetCompiler.TargetPath = "PrecompiledWeb\EfmAdaptorWebServices\"
        Release.AspNetCompiler.Updateable = "true"
        Release.AspNetCompiler.ForceOverwrite = "true"
        Release.AspNetCompiler.FixedNames = "false"
        Release.AspNetCompiler.Debug = "False"
        VWDPort = "2328"

I believe this means that the web applcation is being converted to a web site because of the "WebsiteProperties" string in the above.  BTW, the folders that are checked out are not changed.

To resolve this I have tried to reinstall all of the various pieces (VS.NET 2005, VS80-KB915364-X86-ENU.exe, WebApplicationProjectSetup.msi, etc...)

One other thing that might help in figuring out this problem is that we are using Rational's ClearCase p2003.06.16.

Thanks for any help that can be provided,

--Kipp Howard.

PS: Hopefully this is the right forum for this question as it was related to web appliction projects


9/25/2006 5:09:44 PM
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I figured out a way to get around this problem.  Basically I checked out (from source control) the old .csproj files (before the conversion).  Then I opened that project by itself and went through the conversion wizard.  The .csproj and web.config files were changed.  Then I unchecked out those two files.  I did this for each web service that was having problems.  Then, after making sure that my source tree was up-to-date with respect to the .csproj and web.config files, I loaded the original solution that had the above problem.  Now everything works fine.

Please note that I didn't save any of the changed files after each project was conveted.  So this tells me there is some data cached somewhere that is indicating that a project is a web application project.  Does anyone know where that cached data is stored or what could have caused my original problem?


Kipp Howard 

9/29/2006 2:37:00 PM

I'm seeing this problem as well. Except that I'm seeing this with every web app/web service that I've converted.  It seems that in many cases unless you do the web project conversion on your machine you won't see this as a project file but as a new VS 2005 web site.  Does anyone know where the cached information about which projects are web application projects are stored?  I know its not in the solution, project file or even the web cache for that matter. 




10/29/2006 11:46:59 AM

Can anyone confirm that there is some cached data that indicates a project is a web site or web application?

I encountered this problem again after merging my files to a new branch in source control (ClearCase).  I figured there was something strange with my original view and so after I got it working using the above method, I forgot about this problem.  Today I did the merge and tried opening the project and got the existing web application project converted to web sites.  Having to open and convert the project for every new code tree that I create (view) is a pain.  Does anyone know what could be going on here?


PS: I'm using VS.NET 2005 SP1

2/7/2007 4:00:52 AM

I think I finally figured out what is causing the problems that I have been seeing...

Within the folders containing the projects that were being converted to websites, there was a projectname.csproj.webinfo file.  I believe this file was left over from older builds.  After removing these files, I was able to successfully load my solution without those web application projects being converted to web sites.

Things are much better now. :)

2/7/2007 5:22:36 PM

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