Customize the published web.config file in a web app

We are a team developing an ASP.Net web app. We are facing the following situation: each development machine needs a slightly different web.config file. For example,

  • each local developer machine.
  • the continuous integration server.
  • the open sandbox website.
  • the production website.

How do I customize the published web.config (through MSBuild for ex.). Does anyone has an idea on the matter?

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One possible solution is:

- select one Web.Config (I usualy select development one) as a starting point

- create XSLT files for any other Web.Config which do necessary transformation from starting Web.Config to new one

- use some tool (I am using  nxsltnxslt2 ) in your build process to generate proper Web.Config

This works rather good for me and company for which I work for.

Dejan Vesić

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