add WindowsFormsControlLibrary1 to my webapplication

I am trying to add WindowsFormsControlLibrary to my webapplication, but I do not receive any result, this what i receive

this is the code I inserted in my webapplication after i added the library to my webapplication

<object id="MyWinControl"




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It seems fine. You also need to configure of Code Access Permissions. For example, add website to trusted zone.

For more information, see


I look forward to receiving your test results.

Thomas Sun
Microsoft Online Community Support

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4/7/2009 7:15:28 AM

I have downloaded a windows application that scans pictures to reconize what is written from tesseract (ocr). I want to include it in my webapplication in order to recognize what is written on the pictures. but once i include the windows application in the webapplication it does not appear. Do you have any idea how to host this windows application in my webapplication? Do you know any activex to host windows applications? thank you. I wish you can help me.

4/8/2009 6:18:32 PM

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